May 19

Objectives and Growth Strategy

Foundation objectives:

??? Evolution of the International Foundation educational quality in order to achieve the best possible performance and rely on a huge group of researchers, scholars, and use many of the scientific and practical experiences and a number of quantitative and qualitative tools to measure the improvement in the quality of education to achieve the desired goals.

??? The Foundation aims to develop and follow-up of educational processes in all parts of the world and in all disciplines and monitoring of educational quality for all educational institutions sponsored by the Foundation in terms of both academics and lecturers, or in terms of educational materials and their conformity with the reality of scientific and practical, or in terms of the educational institution providing the educational services??.

????? The Foundation aims to ensure the quality of education and continuous development through:??

1.??Awareness of the culture of quality education.
2.??Coordination with educational institutions to ensure access to an integrated system of standards and rules of comparisons of the development and performance measurement mechanisms guided by international standards and not inconsistent with the identity of the community.
3.??Support the capabilities of the educational institutions to carry out self evaluation.
4.??Confirm the trust at the local, regional and international outputs of the educational process, not conflicting with the identity of the community.
5.??Carry out the comprehensive calendar for educational institutions and programs in accordance with the standards and standard-based learning for each stage and each type of educational institutions.

Growth Strategy :

1-??of the??learners??to achieve??satisfaction??through??continuous interaction??with??the development of society??and meet the??needs of the scientific??process??and??effectively??advanced and??highly efficient.
2-??to provide??educational services??and bring??advanced??scholarship and training programs??and submit them??to the community??through the establishment of??branches and??agents??in the??adoption of??all??of communities??interested in??developing??educational services??and??the quality of education??in??scientific and??practical??training and education of??about 200,000??students??per year??in various fields.
3-??cycle of dependency??and supervision??on the quality of education in??many colleges??and universities, institutes and??training centers??and education??of communities??in all??countries.
4- get??to 1000??scholarships??per year??free??of the many??colleges and foreign universities??to spread the??culture of quality??education.
5-??the development of??personal and organizational??skills??to the community??we serve??through??various training programs, which aims to??raise??social consciousness??and a culture of??education??and vocational training.
6-??calendar??psychological??values??such as respect for??personal growth and??individual??freedom and??social harmony.