International Conference

International Conference on the development of education in developing countries under the auspices of the International Foundation for Educational Services.

Objectives and Growth Strategy

Evolution of the International Foundation educational quality in order to achieve the best possible performance and rely on a huge group of researchers, scholars, and...

Nov 20

Cooperation between the IFES and the Peterborough International College

????In line with the scientific development witnessed by the amazing world around us we had to keep up with this development help us to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of education

in developing individual access rights and in support of our hard work in order to develop and follow-up of educational processes in all parts of the world

Was held in a protocol of cooperation between the International Foundation for Educational Services and Peterborough International College Britain, which are compatible with our goals and objectives in order to maintain the quality of education to gain the confidence of the international community to become integrated organization facilitates the harmonious ways of evolution in various walks of life





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Objectives and Growt...

Objectives and Growt...

Foundation objectives: ??? Evolution of the In...

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